Biz Manager

Biz Manager

Biz Manager

Biz Manager Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the finest expression of the processes of business and information technology. Biz Manager can help business enterprises gain a competitive advantage by integrating all business processes and optimizing available resources.

BizManager Integrates following business operations:

Business Operations:

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Biz Manager

Incremental improvement in information technology and drastic reduction in prices of computers has made it possible even for small-to-medium size organizations to implement ERP solutions. Softrack experienced team provides Biz Manager implementation support services.

Key Features


Accounting module record and process transactions such as payments, receipts and trial balance.


This comprehensive modules provide option to monitor inventory levels across all locations. One of the components of this modules have the information of all Inventory Records.


This comprehensive modules provide option of Production.

Payroll and Wages

BizManager have the payroll and Wages personal /HR system with full recording and reporting features for such vital issues as attendance and payroll, employee history and leave records with payroll management for your business.

Time and Attendances

This feature is full recording and reporting for such vital issues as attendance and payroll, employee history and leave records with BizManager for your main office and its multiple locations.

Leave Management

This comprehensive module provides options to manage employee leave and absents record.

Graphical Reports

Many predefined reports can be generated available for use. In addition, option is also available to configure and generate user defined reports. It can generate number of time reports on the basis of daily, monthly and yearly.

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