Software Development Process


Companies around the world have adopted Offshore Web Application Development as a successful business strategy. A critical part of the Offshore IT Outsourcing strategy, offshore Web Application development provides companies with business flexibility in terms of focusing on their core competencies, while at the same time offering them exclusive cost-effective solutions for their business requirements.


Based on the Preliminary MRD we created in the planning and product definition phase, we quickly create a working prototype with basic functionality and user interface. Then, working directly with you, we collect feedback about the prototype during the testing phase and modify accordingly.

Once you approve the MRD and prototype, we create a detailed, Functional Requirements Doc (FRD) that fully describes the internal architecture and the user interface requirements. Additionally, we complete a Project Schedule that includes costs, risks and assumptions. After customer review and approval, we move to the production phase.


Working exclusively from the FRD, our programming team codes the application. Applying state-of-the-art tools and technologies, our programmers develop applications quickly, while maintaining top-quality standards. Our Quality Assurance specialists generate detailed test plans and procedures based on the FRD and the MRD during this final development phase. At the Beta release, we provide a checkpoint for you to determine whether to continue to completion and deployment, and whether the goals of the MRD were fully met.

Softrack is a software development company providing high quality and cost effective information technology solutions to global companies and small businesses. Established in 1998, our Technologies became one of an early pioneers of exporting software solutions to companies.