Web Maintenance

Softrack has developed and maintained all types of the database-driven sites in ASP, PHP and JAVA.

Website Maintenance can keep your website looking polished and professional. First impression is everything, and a web site needs to make the same first impression as the client walking into the business' front door. Have you had your existing web site analyzed to see if you are presenting your material in a manner that creates a desire to purchase your product or service? Here are questions you need to ask yourself when viewing your website design.

  • Is your website professional looking?
  • Does your website capture the attention of your visitor?
  • Do visitors stay at your website? do they buy?
  • Do you have the image you want your business to have?
  • Are your web pages slow loading?
  • Is the information visitors are looking for easy to find?
  • Is your website user friendly?

The most important question of all:

  • Is your website serving the purpose for which it was build ?

If your web site was thrown together a few years ago and it is not producing results then you may need to redesign it to meet today's standards.

Without consistent and regular web site management and web site maintenance, your web site becomes nothing more than a static brochure which does an injustice to the growing and dynamic nature of your business. If your web site is out of date, or not serving its purpose because of unpleasing design, chances are you could be driving your valuable customers and visitors elsewhere, most likely to the competition. An out-of-date web site can result in lost sales and seriously damage your business and brand. Research shows that visitors are more likely to return to your web site if it is updated frequently. They want to see new services, helpful tips, learn of new employees, see interactive elements etc.

Main Features:

  • Add or Delete pages
  • Perform regular updates
  • Add new Links and fix broken lines
  • Update pricing and Product information
  • Add or remove products and product description
  • Locate and neutralize security flaws that may be exposing your site to hackers and spammers

Softrack is a software development company providing high quality and cost effective information technology solutions to global companies and small businesses. Established in 1998, our Technologies became one of an early pioneers of exporting software solutions to companies.